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Begriffe aus dem Themenfeld Parken - parkoneer Glossar
/ Glossary

Parking terms explained

Welcome to our glossary. Here we explain terms that we use frequently in connection with our solution and digital parking management.

Dynamic parking

Parking spaces in existing, private areas, are released at least to employees, and at best to other groups such as residents; in this way, they can be booked and occupied digitally as needed, allowing more people to park and increasing the utilization of existing parking spaces; the opposite of rigid space allocation, where spaces are specifically assigned to a single vehicle and cannot be officially used by anyone else.

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Employee parking

Also known as office parking, this refers to parking management tailored to flexible working time models, e.g. hybrid models with a mix of presence and remote work; digital self-administration, such as booking parking spaces and desks, is also part of this, as is the overall simplification of access systems, regardless of whether to the parking space or to buildings.

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Abbreviation for: License Plate Recognition; alternative: ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition; the license plate is captured by video camera and read by automatic text recognition (OCR - Optical Character Recognition); registered vehicles are granted access to the parking area without any further action on the part of the driver.

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ANPR, OCR, license plate recognition

Mixed-use parking

Parking areas that belong to mixed-use properties allow dynamic parking space allocation to suit the use due to different parking profiles consisting of work, residential and leisure; can be regulated particularly efficiently by digital parking space management and allocation of quotas to the tenants

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mixed-use real estate, dynamic parking, digital parking management

Parking space monetization

Parking spaces in private areas are opened to the public by means of dynamic parking and payment of a parking fee; quotas can thus be used by, for example, residents as required; payments are made exclusively by digital means of payment; operators can offset costs for, for example, parking space maintenance or, depending on the increase in utilization, turn the cost center into a profit center

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Digital parking management, dynamic parking, smart parking

Private parking area

Privately owned parking areas, e.g., of businesses, mixed-use buildings, residential neighborhoods; Operators decide to whom parking is made available; dynamic parking management can significantly increase utility and utilization; There is a possibility of monetization.

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Digital parking management, dynamic parking, parking monetization

Utilization fluctuations

Uneven number of parking operations and thus inefficient utilization of a parking space; usually results from rigid parking space allocation; digital parking management helps to achieve even and high utilization because free spaces can be occupied dynamically; available space is better utilized; operators can also benefit from parking space monetization if they release their parking space, e.g. for residents

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Digital parking management, dynamic parking, parking space monetization

Parking search traffic

Traffic generated by the search for a parking space; on average, people spend 10 minutes looking for a parking space and cover an additional 4.5 km in the process; justified, among other things, by scarce parking space and rigid parking space allocation; can be significantly reduced by digital parking space management in combination with dynamic parking

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