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Office parking can be digital and efficient - with parkoneerOffice parking can be digital and efficient - with parkoneer
/ Office Parking

With smart parking management you make the people in your company even happier

In many companies, office parking and parking space allocation still happens in an analog way - with forms, plastic cards, window stickers and so on. Apart from that, we are managing nowadays nearly everything online. Do you wonder why parking management should be different? We do too - and we have the solution for you!


parkoneer helps you manage existing parking spaces dynamically and digitally. We make you a parking expert – and move management from stacks of files into the digital age. With parkoneer, you can assign tailor-made parking permits – simply, digitally and automatically.

parkoneer hardware setup
/ Solution

Our parkoneer solution

With parkoneer by Scheidt & Bachmann we offer you an intelligent and, above all, easy-to-use system for the management of your parking space. It enables you to manage the various groups of parking users and their different mobility behaviour.

Get to know our hardware and software
/ Dynamisation

From static to dynamic use of space

parkoneer enables dynamic space utilisation - inflexible space allocation for individual vehicles from the days of analogue office parking is a thing of the past. Through the pre-registration of parking spaces, they can be booked by a central administration or by the employees themselves, depending on availability and the given contingent. Everything it needs is the respective licence plate number of the vehicle to ensure a regulated access control.

Dynamisation succeeds like this: The parkoneer admin of the company defines certain contingents. For example, 300 parking spaces on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for employees, 30 for visitors and 70 for other people who are looking for a parking space near your office.


A larger share is made available for residents after work and the entire capacity on Saturdays. Pre-registered parkers simply book their parking space by using our parkoneer solution. All they need to do is to enter the license plate number of the vehicle. When entering the parking area, the camera automatically identifies the licence plate and the barrier opens. 

The disappearance of inflexible parking space allocation gives more employees the opportunity to have a parking space, which they can even book themselves. The utilisation of the parking space can thus be significantly adapted to the actual mobility behaviour. Employee satisfaction and occupancy of the parking space increase in equal measure.


/ Monetarisation

Transform the cost centre into a profit centre

Apart from commercial parking operators, parking spaces mainly cause their owners money and stress. Permits have to be checked, issued, renewed and updated. So parking spaces always come at a cost.

You can change this in the first step by minimising variations in the occupancy rate of the entire parking area through dynamisation and digital management. This makes the entire parking area even more economical, because the degree of utilisation increases. In a second step, your company gets the chance to earn money with the parking spaces outside of core hours. In this way, you can release unused space for third parties, such as residents. You use digital payment functions - so it is completely cashless - without any effort to monetise the space. The licence plate recognition and barrier give you full control over who enters and leaves.

What do you get out of it?

As a parkoneer, you make optimal use of the company's parking spaces, contribute to less traffic and make the people in the company happier. You can even integrate payment service providers for an uncomplicated digital payment function. This will turn your parking area from a cost centre into a profit centre.

Your advantages with parkoneer Office Parking

  • smart, efficient parking management
  • higher employee satisfaction
  • chance of additional revenue stream
  • less parking search traffic and no wild parkers any more
  • user-friendly dashboard, overview of all parking transactions
  • optional detailed reports and digital payment processing
  • hardware in Scheidt & Bachmann quality

For every role the right application

/ Self-administration

Parking users

parkoneer enables people with parking permits to book their own parking space flexibly and easily via any device.

Find out how easy and digital it is.

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/ Efficiency increase

Parking Manager

Efficient organization of parking due to streamlined processes and thus significant facilitation of parking space management - parkoneer makes it possible with its intuitive user interface

Learn more
/ Cost management

Parking Operators

Dynamisation allows an increase in utilisation and also monetarisation of the parking space. This transforms the parking space from a cost centre into a profit centre.

Learn more



/ Office Parking

Making office parking simple

Get all the information you need about office parking with parkoneer in our 5-minute guide. Among other things, we explain you how dynamisation works and which advantages digital parking management offers.

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Efficient office parking explained in the 5 Minute Guide Office Parking - Download